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"In Preparation"
John Wesley And Divine Retribution FATE Magazine, Vol 60, No. 7, Issue 687 (July 2007)
The Patristic Interpretation Of Romans 7:14-25, Part 1 The Arminian Magazine, Vol. 27, Iss. 2 (Fall
The Patristic Interpretation Of Romans 7:14-25, Part 2 The Arminian Magazine, Vol. 28, Iss. 1
(Spring 2010)
Daniel R. Jennings has spent years researching ancient Christian patristic texts ranging from the first
to the eighth centuries.  Since 2006 he has served as the director of the Patristics In English Project,
an online initiative whose goal is to translate all existing patristic texts up until the year 1000 into
English and then distribute them freely via the Internet.  For more information please visit the
Patristics In English website.

Sean Multimedia
(2015), 85 pp
Faith: God's Answer For Your Disappointments And Suffering: What do we
do when life goes completely contrary to the way we feel it should? How do we
handle life's disappointments, heartaches and let downs? All people suffer but not
all respond appropriately to their sufferings. For some, suffering turns to
bitterness and unforgiveness towards God. For others it turns to despair and,
sometimes, even suicide and we are led to ask the question how does one handle
the big (and small) setbacks, hurts and disappointments that we all experience.
Drawing upon his own experience of suffering, the author provides hope for every
hurting soul, demonstrating that no matter how hurtful your situation has been,
there is good behind and in it and though you may have felt like God was nowhere
to be found He was there with you all of the time.
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Sean Multimedia
(2015), 214 pp
2000 Years Of Spiritual Warfare: Recorded Accounts Of Demonic Activity
From The 1st To The 21st Centuries
: Throughout history all cultures have
believed in a race of invisible spiritual beings that influenced the visible world. Jesus
taught the existence of these beings and promised his followers that they would
have power over them. Compiled here are dozens of eyewitness accounts of
demonic activity from the time of the Scriptures up until modern times
demonstrating that not only do demons exist but they submit to the Name of
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Sean Multimedia
(2012), 130 pp
Except For Fornication: Why Evangelicals Must Reevaluate Their
Interpretation Of Matthew's Divorce Exception Clause
: Evangelical churches
often teach that Matthew's divorce exception clause allows a person to divorce and
remarry in the case of adultery but many are unaware that this interpretation has
been rejected by millions of Christians throughout history, that the belief that
adultery allows a person to divorce and remarry actually causes the Bible to
contradict itself and that there is another alternative interpretation which is
supported by stronger historical and linguistic evidence which is being embraced by
Evangelicals.  This work will take you on an incredible and surprising journey from
the 5th century BC up until the present in an attempt to discover the real meaning
behind Jesus' often quoted (but seldom deeply studied) exception clause.
Sean Multimedia
(2005), 155 pp;
(2012), 219 pp
The Supernatural Occurrences of John Wesley: John Wesley (1703-1791) was
the founder of the Methodist Church and there are some 170 million or more
Christians who trace their spiritual roots back to him.  However, much about this
man’s ministry has been forgotten.  Here, Daniel R. Jennings takes the actual
quotes from Wesley’s journal showing his experiences with demon possession,
individuals falling down slain in the Spirit while he preached, supernatural visions,
dreams and cases of miraculous healings.  Included are sections on Wesley’s
interpretation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and his opinion on how to
appropriately view miracles.  An excellent resource for the Christian interested in
exploring the possibility of miracles in our own day.
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Sean Multimedia
(2009), 137 pp
The Supernatural Occurrences Of Charles G. Finney: Charles Finney
(1792-1875) was one of the most influential of the 19th century evangelists. While
his itinerant ministry has been well documented, lesser known are the miracles that
he recorded experiencing in his
Memoirs. These miracles included revelations from
the Holy Spirit, visions, the gift of prophecy, slain in the Spirit, impenitent sinners
mysteriously struck dead, and other unusual occurrences. Here, perhaps for the
first time, an attempt has been made to compile and analyze these experiences in
an attempt to answer the enduring question of whether miracles ended with the
completion of the Canon of Scripture or if they will continue until the Second
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Daniel R. Jennings
Helping Life Make Sense