These were videos which, though I did not produce them myself, I felt that they were beneficial for spiritual growth.  As with all
things, the viewer is encouraged to compare all information presented within them with what the Bible teaches.
The Jesus Film: Since its inception in 1979 this movie has
been viewed some 6.3 Billion times and resulted in an
astounding 221,073,121 recorded decisions for Christ.  It has
been translated into 1043 languages and over 58 million
copies of it have been distributed in film, video and audio
format.  With billions of people having watched it this has
become “the most watched film in history”.

Jesus Film Website
The Burning Hell: Though a bit old (it was released in 1974)
this video presents some of the basic truths about Hell in a very
dramatic way.  While the cinematography and writing may seem
a bit outdated the reality of Hell never changes.
The Church Of Oprah Exposed: Every weekday millions of
Americans watch the Oprah Winfrey Show.  As years have
passed and her popularity increased Oprah has rejected her
Baptist upbringing and began to actively promote the New Age

The Church Of O An article From Christianity Today detailing
Oprah's promotion of New Age theology.
Gods Of The New Age: Presenting alternative versions of
Christ and other ways to Heaven the New Age Movement's
teachings often appear to be harmless but in reality have
proven to be very dangerous, both spiritually and mentally.  
This documentary is perhaps the best documentary available
on the New Age Movement.
Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed: With a membership in the
millions the Jehovah's Witnesses have a created a well
organized and financially backed organization which claims to
be the one true and accurate church on earth.  But are their
claims Biblical?  This video presents the teachings and history
of the Jehovah's Witnesses in such a way as to enable the
Christian to "earnestly contend for the faith" while lovingly
showing the Witnesses the errors of their theology.
In Search of Noah's Ark: Did Noah's flood really occur?  Is
there scientific evidence to support a worldwide flood?  Is there
a large man-made structure sitting atop Mount Ararat in
Turkey?  This exciting video covers the Biblical, historical,
scientific and eyewitness evidence to support Noah, the flood
and a man-made boat-like structure which has been witnessed
by numerous people atop Mount Ararat in Turkey.